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All Blue Rhino Auger Compactors utilize an advanced computerized Compactor Control Panel, which includes a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) and a PLC touch screen interface. The VFD provides numerous benefits, replacing mechanical starters, transformers, relays, timers and fuses. These mechanical components have long been the cause of repair service calls, expenses and equipment down-time. Our VFD is highly adjustable and reliable. One great feature of our VFD system is the inclusion of a “soft start”. This feature lets our Auger Compactor start at less than full-power initially and then quickly ramp-up to full power. This method reduces strain on Auger Compactor driveline components, as well as your buildings electrical supply. In some states “soft start” is beginning to be required by local authorities, to reduce power spikes, due to poor power grids and supply.
Blue Rhino Auger Compactor Models

Auger Compactor

Auger Compactor

Our touch screen PLC is where users will operate the Auger Compactor. The screen features a start / forward button, reverse, stop and a reset button. The face of the control box will still include the required mechanical emergency-stop push-button and keyed power switch, but all other standard functions are performed on the PLC screen. The PLC screen displays a power graph, indicating how hard the Auger Compactor is working, and how near to full the container is. Through this interface, users have access to make limited adjustments, such as auger run- time, without opening the control panel door. The PLC screen will also display warnings and fault-codes, in the event of an error, as well as maintenance reminders, such as greasing the bearing.

Auger Compactor

Blue Rhino Auger Compactor